What does Psalms 36:6 really mean?

Psalms 36:6 is about the enduring love, faithfulness, and righteousness of God that reaches beyond the heavens and sustains all of creation.

6 Your righteousness is like the mountains of God; your judgments are like the great deep; man and beast you save, O Lord.


Setting the Scene for Psalms 36:6

In Psalms chapter 36, the scene is set in a lush garden at the break of dawn. The air is filled with the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers, and the gentle sound of a nearby stream can be heard in the background. The garden is surrounded by tall trees, their leaves rustling softly in the morning breeze.

In this serene setting, we find King David, the author of the psalm, deep in prayer and reflection. He is joined by a small group of his most trusted advisors and companions, including Nathan the prophet and Abigail, his wise counselor. They have gathered in the garden for a time of worship and seeking guidance from the Lord.

As the sun begins to rise, casting a warm golden light over the garden, King David begins to recite the words of Psalms 36, praising the unfailing love and faithfulness of God. His companions listen intently, their hearts filled with reverence and awe at the beauty of the morning and the presence of the Almighty in their midst. Together, they find solace and strength in the words of the psalm, drawing closer to each other and to God in this sacred moment.

What is Psalms 36:6 about?

This verse beautifully captures the infinite and immeasurable nature of God’s righteousness and faithfulness. Imagine the expansive and boundless expanse of the heavens—this is the extent of God’s righteousness. We can look up and see the endless sky, and we can also look to God and know that His righteousness knows no limits. It encompasses all, far beyond what our finite minds can comprehend.

Furthermore, the verse emphasizes the unwavering and enduring faithfulness of God, reaching to the very skies. Think about how the sky spreads out before us, always there as a constant presence. God’s faithfulness is steadfast in the same way, always surrounding us and never faltering. This verse serves as a powerful reminder of the vastness of God’s character and the infinite nature of His love and commitment to us. It challenges us to trust in His righteousness and rely on His faithfulness, knowing that they reach farther and higher than we could ever imagine.

Understanding what Psalms 36:6 really means

The Book of Psalms stands as a timeless collection of songs, prayers, and poetry that encapsulates the breadth of human emotions and experiences. Among these, Psalm 36, attributed to David, delves into the stark dichotomy between the wickedness of humanity and the unwavering love and righteousness of God. Structurally, the psalm unfolds in two distinct parts: the initial segment paints a vivid picture of the depravity of the ungodly, while the latter portion exalts the virtues of God, emphasizing His faithfulness, righteousness, and loving-kindness.

In Psalm 36:6, the imagery employed is striking: “Your righteousness is like the highest mountains.” This vivid comparison underscores the vastness and unchanging nature of God’s righteousness, akin to the mountains that stand unwavering through time. Such imagery finds resonance in Isaiah 54:10, where the prophet speaks of the mountains being removed, yet God’s kindness enduring. Similarly, the phrase “Your justice like the great deep” portrays the profound and unfathomable nature of God’s justice, echoing the sentiment in Romans 11:33 about the depth of God’s wisdom and knowledge.

Moreover, the declaration that “You, Lord, preserve both people and animals” showcases the inclusive care and preservation that God extends to all of creation. This sentiment echoes Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:26, where He highlights God’s provision for even the birds of the air, emphasizing His overarching care for all living beings. In a world marked by injustice and uncertainty, the enduring attributes of God—His righteousness, justice, and care—remain profoundly relevant and comforting. Amidst the tumult of life, the steadfast character of God offers hope and assurance to those who seek solace in His unchanging nature.

Reflecting on the enduring truths encapsulated in Psalm 36:6, one is reminded of the timeless relevance of God’s righteousness and justice. In times of personal turmoil or societal upheaval, understanding and trusting in God’s unwavering character can bring clarity and peace. Consider a narrative where someone facing a daunting legal battle or personal injustice found solace in the assurance of God’s ultimate justice and care. Such anecdotes serve as poignant reminders of the profound comfort that stems from anchoring one’s faith in the unchanging righteousness and justice of God.

In conclusion, Psalm 36:6 serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring nature of God’s righteousness and justice. As we navigate the complexities of life, may we find solace in the steadfast character of God, drawing strength from His unchanging attributes. Let us reflect on our own experiences and find reassurance in the unwavering love and righteousness of God, as beautifully articulated in this timeless psalm.

How can we fully trust in God’s faithfulness?

We can fully trust in God’s faithfulness by acknowledging His righteousness, His judgments, and His steadfast love. Knowing that God’s faithfulness reaches to the heavens and His righteousness is like the mighty mountains gives us assurance that His promises are secure and unfailing. Meditating on His faithfulness helps us find comfort and confidence in His unwavering character, knowing that He is always dependable and true to His Word.

When we reflect on the imagery of God’s faithfulness being as vast as the great deep, we can understand that His love and care for us are endless and immeasurable. Just like the ocean stretches beyond what our eyes can see, God’s faithfulness exceeds our earthly limitations, showing us that His presence and guidance are boundless. We can find peace in every circumstance by putting our trust in His faithfulness, knowing that His love will carry us through and His righteousness will prevail in all situations.

Through prayer, praise, and a deepening relationship with God, we can experience firsthand the reality of His faithfulness. We can trust in His unwavering nature with complete confidence as we come to know Him more intimately and witness His faithfulness in our lives. We can walk in faith by aligning our hearts and minds with the truth of His faithfulness, knowing that He will always be true to His promises and never leave us nor forsake us.


Harness the towering love and faithfulness of the Lord in your own actions. Spread kindness and compassion like wildfire in your interactions, mirroring the endless love of God. Show unyielding faithfulness in your duties and relationships, embodying the divine virtues in your everyday life. How will you rise to this heavenly challenge today?