What does Psalms 62:7 really mean?

is about finding strength and refuge in God during times of turmoil and uncertainty.

7 On God rests my salvation and my glory; my mighty rock, my refuge is God.


Setting the Scene for Psalms 62:7

The scene in Psalms 62:7 is set in a quiet and serene garden during the early hours of the morning. The garden is filled with colorful flowers in full bloom, their sweet fragrance lingering in the air. A gentle breeze rustles the leaves of the trees, creating a soothing melody that seems to calm the soul.

In this peaceful setting, we find King David, the author of the Psalms, deep in prayer and meditation. He is surrounded by a small group of his most trusted advisors and close friends, including Nathan the prophet and Abigail, his wise counselor. They have gathered together to seek solace and guidance from the Lord in the midst of turbulent times.

As the sun begins to rise, casting a warm golden glow over the garden, King David raises his voice in praise and thanksgiving to God. His companions join him in song, their voices blending harmoniously in worship. In this moment of unity and faith, they find strength and reassurance in the presence of the Almighty, knowing that He is their rock and salvation in times of trouble.

What is Psalms 62:7 about?

This verse beautifully encapsulates the profound sense of faith and trust in God’s guidance and protection. It depicts a deep connection with the Divine, acknowledging God as the ultimate source of salvation, glory, and strength. The imagery of God being a rock symbolizes stability, security, and unwavering support in times of need. Placing one’s trust in God helps one find assurance and confidence in facing life’s challenges.

Reflecting on this verse, consider the significance of having a firm foundation in faith. How does acknowledging God as the source of salvation and strength impact one’s outlook on life and ability to navigate through difficulties? Think about the transformative power of leaning on God’s strength and how it can provide a sense of peace and resilience in the face of adversity. Embrace the message of this verse as a reminder of the steadfast support available through a deep connection with the Divine.

Understanding what Psalms 62:7 really means

Psalms 62:7 is a powerful verse that speaks to the security and salvation found in God, emphasizing the importance of relying on Him as our ultimate source of strength and refuge. This Psalm, attributed to David, reflects his deep trust in God amidst life’s struggles, highlighting the significance of seeking God’s protection and deliverance in times of need.

“My salvation and my honor depend on God” – This phrase underscores that our ultimate deliverance and dignity are rooted in our relationship with God, rather than in our own efforts or the opinions of others. “He is my mighty rock, my refuge” portrays God as a stable and strong fortress, a place of safety and protection in times of trouble, emphasizing His role as a sanctuary for His people.

Related Bible passages such as Psalm 18:2, Proverbs 18:10, and Isaiah 26:4 further reinforce the image of God as a steadfast protector, a secure refuge, and an eternal Rock. These verses echo the timeless truth of God’s reliability and strength, encouraging us to trust in Him for our security and stability.

In today’s fast-paced and uncertain world, where people often seek security in material possessions and human relationships, Psalms 62:7 reminds us that true security comes from God alone. It prompts us to place our trust in Him, the unchanging and dependable source of refuge, rather than in the transient and unreliable things of this world.

Consider the anecdote of a man who, facing unexpected job loss, found solace in Psalms 62:7. By trusting in God, he discovered new opportunities and realized that his worth and security were not tied to his job but to his relationship with God. This experience deepened his faith, bringing him peace and confidence amidst uncertainty.

In conclusion, Psalms 62:7 serves as a poignant reminder of where our true security and honor lie. By leaning on God’s unchanging nature, we can find stability and refuge in life’s challenges, discovering our identity and worth in Him alone. Let us take heart in the assurance that our salvation and honor ultimately depend on God, our mighty rock and refuge.

What does it mean to find rest in God?

To find rest in God means to place your trust, confidence, and hope solely in Him. It is having a deep sense of peace and security knowing that God is in control of every situation in your life. When you find rest in God, you are surrendering your worries, fears, and burdens to Him, allowing Him to carry the weight and provide a sense of calm amidst life’s storms.

Finding rest in God also involves seeking refuge in His presence, drawing strength from His Word, and spending time in prayer and meditation. It is a conscious choice to turn to God in times of trouble, knowing that He is a faithful and loving Father who will sustain you and give you the peace that surpasses all understanding. Acknowledging His sovereignty, trusting in His goodness, and relying on His unfailing love to guide you through life’s challenges ultimately involve finding rest in God.


Dear friend, just like in the world of work and family, we must find refuge and salvation in God. Let us lean on Him always, share our deepest thoughts with Him, and know that He is our unshakable stronghold. Can we release our anxieties and insecurities to the Everlasting, drawing power from His unwavering love?